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MillyMopsMaids – Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
“The Company ” – means Millymopsmaids trading under a  agreement
“Cleaner” – means the person or firm carrying out cleaning services on behalf of the Company.
“Client” – means the person, firm or corporate body together with any subsidiary or associated company as defined by the Companies Act 1985 to whom the cleaning services are supplied by the Company.
“Service” – means the cleaning services carried out on behalf of the Company.
“Cleaning Visit” – means the visit to the Client’s service address by the Cleaner in order to carry out the Service.

2. Contract
2.1. These Terms and Conditions represent a contract between Millymopsmaids and The Client.
2.2. The Client agrees that any use of The Company ’s services, including placing an order for services by telephone, email or website forms shall constitute the Client’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
2.3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing these Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any other terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by The Client.
2.4. No variation or alteration of these Terms and Conditions shall be valid unless approved in writing by a director of the Company.

3. Payment
3.1. All work carried out by The Company at your request, whether experimental or otherwise will be charged accordingly. Any work undertaken by The Company on behalf of The Client is carried out on the basis that The Client has fully approved such work whether or not we have received an official order providing there is evidence of written or verbal confirmation to proceed, including letter, facsimile or email correspondence between the parties.
3.2. Payments of fees rendered by invoice are due within the dates stated on the invoice via Monzo, our appointed Bank.
3.3. Where payment has not been received we reserve the right to withhold services, documents and information, and have the right to cease to work on your account, and to terminate the engagement if payments are unduly delayed.
3.4. Any expenses incurred whilst working on your behalf will be charged and appropriate records will be kept and will be available for inspection. Such expenses may include the use of meeting rooms and other facilities, internal printing, courier charges, and international but not national telephone calls.
3.5. Consistent late payment will incur a 20% pre-payment for all future work.
3.6. We have a statutory right to interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if not paid according to agreed credit terms. The Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act (1988) states that for debts of less than £1000, the penalty is £40, rising to £70 for debts up to £9,999.99 and £100 above that. Interest is payable at the above rate in section 4.4. The penalties and interest now apply to all businesses regardless of size.
3.7. Unless otherwise expressly stated, all prices shall be in Pounds Sterling and shall be exclusive of VAT and other duties.
3.8. We shall invoice monthly or at the end of a project dependent on the agreed terms.
3.9. All prices are Net and no settlement discount is allowed. All accounts are payable no later than 7 (Seven) days from date or invoice unless otherwise agreed by The Company in writing. Note that the payment terms are required whether you have signed off on the copy or not.
3.10. After the 7 day payment period has passed all further work for The Client will cease.
3.11. All quotations offered by us are deemed valid for a period of 30 (Thirty) days, after which time we reserve the right to revise the said quotation.
3.12. We provide services on a one-off and retainer basis.
3.13. Any additional work requested that isn’t covered in the original brief will be quoted separately and added to the original invoice. One month’s notice is required to discontinue the service.
3.14. All Cleaning service prices are reviewed each year and adjusted inline with inflation, minimum wage increases or any reasonable circumstances.

4. Equipment
4.1. Cleaning materials are provided by the Company. If you require us to use your solutions or equipment they must be safe to use/operate, in full working order and must not require any special skills to be used for the purpose of cleaning.
4.2. If the Client has equipment that is complicated to operate, the Client must provide clear and detailed instructions to the Cleaner.
4.3. If the Client requires the Cleaner to use their own materials and equipment including vacuum cleaner the Company cannot accept any liability should anything go wrong with either the equipment or the outcome of using it.

5. Checklists
5.1. We shall provide the client a checklist on request or ask all clients to leave a list of priorities for the cleaner. This means that the cleaner can tick off top to bottom what they are able to do within the allotted time.

6. Refunds
6.1. No refund claims will be given once the cleaning service has been carried out. If for any reason the Client is dissatisfied with any aspect they must notify the Company within 24 hours and this will be rectified.
6.2. Refund will be issued only if the Client has cancelled a cleaning visit within the allowed time (24 hours) prior to the start of the cleaning session and a payment has been already received by the Company .
6.3. Refund will be issued if a Cleaner does not attend a cleaning visit, payment for which has been already received by the Company .

7. Cancellation
7.1. The Client agrees to pay the full price of the cleaning visit, if: a) The Client cancels or changes the date/time less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment; b) The Client fails to provide access to the service premises thus preventing the Company to carry out the booked work; c) There is a problem with the Client’s keys and the Cleaner cannot let themselves in. If keys are provided they must open all locks without any special efforts or skills.
7.2. If the Client needs to change a cleaning day or time the Company will do its best to accommodate them. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required.
Please note that the Company cannot guarantee that the same operative will be available on the new day and at the time the Client requires. Any changes in the cleaning schedule are subject to availability .
7.3. The Company ’s cleaning operatives work on any day of the week including Bank Holidays. If the Client’s cleaning visit is due on a Bank Holiday and she/he hasn’t called or e-mailed the Company to cancel the visit 24 hours prior to the start of the cleaning session, the Client agrees to and understands that the regular amount due f or that cleaning visit will be charged regardless of whether the cleaning operative has cleaned the Client’s property or not.

8. Termination
8.1. The Client may terminate this contract by giving 30 days prior notice in writing once the initial contracted term (12 months) has ended.
8.2. If The Client wishes to terminate the contract within the initial contracted term (12 months), The Client must pay the outstanding balance for the remainder of the contract.
8.3. The Client agrees to pay a cancellation fee equivalent to 30 days service if: 1) No notice is given; 2) The Client provides a termination of notice less than 30 days
8.4. Prior to termination of the Contract, the Client is obliged to provide details of any incoming contractor for the purposes of compliance with the Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006

9. Claims
9.2. The Client agrees that due to the nature of the service the Company guarantees only to correct any problems reported within 24 hours. If a problem occurs on a Saturday it must be reported by Monday 12:00 in order to be accepted as a valid claim. Failure to do so will entitle the Client to nothing. The Company may require entry to the location of the claim within 24 hours to correct the problem. Any refunds or adjustments must be requested to the Company directly and subject to approval by the Company.
9.3. The Client waives his right to stop payment on his cheque unless the Company fails to make good on the guarantee shown in part 15.
9.4. While the Cleaners make every effort not to break items, accidents do happen. Identical replacement is always attempted but not guaranteed. For this specific reason, the Company requests all irreplaceable items (whether monetarily or sentimentally valuable) be stored away and /or not cleaned by the cleaning operatives.
9.5. In case of damage, The Company will repair the item at its cost. If the item cannot be repaired the Company will rectify the problem by crediting the customer with the item’s present actual cash value toward a like replacement from a Company’s source upon payment of cleaning services rendered.
9.6. The Company shall not be responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item. All surfaces (i.e., marble, granite, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm.
9.7. Any attempt to commit insurance fraud or any use of false information to commit any type of fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law together by the Company and the Insurance Provider(s). Monetary compensation as well as legal fees may incur.
9.8. Key replacement/locksmith fees are paid only if keys are lost by our operatives. There is a £30 per location liability limit.

10. Complaints
10.1. All complaints are taken seriously. If you are not happy with any aspect of our service please call us as soon as possible and give us the chance to rectify it. Your custom is very important to us and we want you to be happy.
10.2. If the Client is dissatisfied with a currently occurring service, The Company asks that The Client notifies us as soon as they notice anything that might be to their dislike by calling 07393317109. Please do not wait until the service is ending.

11. Liability
11.1. The Company shall not be liable under any circumstances f or any loss, expense, damage, delay , costs or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or in any way connected with a late arrival of Company operatives at the service address. The Company endeavours to be right on time on any visit but sometimes due to transport related and other problems which are beyond the Company ’s control, the Company operative’s may arrive with a delay or the cleaning visit may be re-scheduled.
11.2. The Company shall not be liable under any circumstances f or any loss, expense, damage, delay , costs or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the Client arising from or in any way connected with – 1. A cleaning job not complete due to the lack of hot water or electricity 2. Third party entering or present at the Client’s premises during the cleaning process; 11.3. Any existing damage to Clients property in the form of old stains/burns/spillages etc. which cannot be cleaned/removed completely by the cleaning operative. Any damages worth £100.00 or less.

12. Supplementary Terms

12.2. The Company , reserves the right to re-evaluate rates at any time should the Client’s initial list of tasks changes.
12.3. The Company reserves the right to amend the initial quotation, should the Client’s original requirements change.
12.4. If any estimates of how long it will take the cleaning operatives to complete the job are being provided those are only estimates based on the average time it takes to clean a home or an office of similar size to the Client’s, it being difficult to calculate precisely how long such tasks may take and that a degree of flexibility may be required. Please note that one off cleans may take longer to complete due to longer intervals between cleaning sessions, number and type of cleaning tasks required, when compared to the regular maintenance cleaning of the same property.
12.5. The Client understands that the price they have been quoted may vary according to condition of property and room sizes etc.
12.6. The Company shall endeavour to arrange a replacement cleaner if your regular cleaner cannot attend a scheduled visit, and will inform the Client prior to the visit.
12.7. Post Construction Cleaning (Builders Cleaning), Event Cleaning or badly neglected homes may take up to three times longer than a well maintained home requiring general cleaning. Therefore the Company advises the Client to ask f or our specialist cleaning services: Builders Cleaning or Event Cleaning.
12.8. The cleaning operatives are not allowed to hand wash any items of clothing belonging to the Client. The Company advises that our operatives can only use a washing machine for such tasks.
12.9. All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed.
12.10. The Company reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the Terms and Conditions in agreement with the other party.

13. Our Guarantee
13.1. The Company has built its business and reputation by providing its clients with the best possible cleaning service available. Still, the Company realises, that because its operatives are human beings, they sometimes make mistakes. For this reason, the Company offers a Guarantee. If the Client is not satisfied with any areas that have been cleaned, the Company’s operative will come back to the Client’s premises and re-clean those areas free of charge.

Please note that this guarantee will not apply if the condition of the premises has deteriorated since the original cleaning was undertaken.


Equality & DiversityMillymopsmaids are Certified inE & I.


This policy sets out how we uphold diversity and equality in the workplace.

Policy Objectives

People are what make this company succeed. Our people come from a huge range of cultures and experiences – and the fresh thinking and passion they bring to work every day is a direct result of that tremendous diversity.

Our approach to business is underpinned by a belief that all individuals should be treated fairly and have access to equal opportunities, regardless of their status. To attract, recruit, develop and retain the very best people at all levels, we are committed to respecting and embracing talent and working to support a culture that is inclusive and reflective of our vision and values.

We also look for high levels of diversity and inclusion in our suppliers, and encourage them to adopt similar philosophies in their relationships with their own employees and suppliers.

Our approach is based on three key principles:

Equality – we promote equality by removing barriers, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunity and access for all groups of people.

Diversity – we accept each person as an individual. Our success and competitiveness is built on our ability to embrace diversity – and we believe that everyone should feel valued for their contributions. By working together we will deliver the best possible solutions for our people, our clients and our business.

Inclusion – we create a working culture where differences are not merely accepted, but valued; where everyone hasthe opportunity to develop in a way that is consistent with our vision and values. Our aim is be an organisation where people feel involved, respected and connected to our success.


  • No job applicant or employee should receive less favourable treatment on grounds of sex, race, age, ethnic origin, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, civil partnership status, any gender re-assignment, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability or part-time/fixed-term work;

  • Employees should be protected from discrimination by association;

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion should be promoted within the workplace;

  • We should contribute to generating similar attitudes to ours, in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion, in the wider community. We will also look for similar principles of diversity when we select and manage relationships with our suppliers;

  • Fair and equitable treatment should be the hallmark of every aspect of working life within this company  from our written procedures through to every decision we make;

  • We should promote a culture where employees recognise the value that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings to the organisation, and where colleagues and external associates are treated with dignity and respect; and

  • We should create an environment where anyone believing they have been subjected to discrimination, victimisation or harassment in the workplace, is entitled and feels safe to raise such concerns. We are committed to ensuring that the process for dealing with such concerns is straightforward and will be addressed in a compassionate, efficient and timely manner.


The MD is responsible for:

  •  Reviewing, endorsing and achieving this policy’s aims.

  • Recognising their role in being accountable for inclusion and the development of equality and diversity awareness and will lead by example.

The Manager is responsible for:

  • Administering this policy on behalf of the CEO; and

  • Developing and rolling out the supporting strategies to drive continual performance improvement.

The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that our practices and policies underpin delivery of the equality, diversity and inclusion policy;

  • Cascading diversity and inclusion lessons learned and sharing best practice throughout the business; and

  • Championing key issues and collectively recommending changes to policy, procedures and practices to the Executive Board.

The team is responsible for:

  • Keeping all related procedures under review and monitoring employment practices;

  • Measuring, monitoring and benchmarking our demographic profile and reporting trends to both the PLC Board and the Executive Board; and

  • Providing relevant advice and supporting managers in championing diversity across the company.

Divisional/Business Managing Directors are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that this policy and supporting strategies and procedures are distributed, implemented and complied with; and

Managers are responsible for:

  • Implementing and enforcing the processes and procedures;

  • Ensuring that their people are aware of their responsibilities and receive appropriate training; and

  • Addressing any inappropriate behaviour.

Employees are responsible for:

  • Carrying out their work in line with this policy and associated procedures;

  • Respecting the rights of all  people to work in an environment that is free from prejudice and discrimination;

  • Challenging any behaviour that falls short of the expectations of this policy; and

  • Identifying any breaches of this policy and reporting them to their line manager.

What will successful implementation of this policy achieve?

  • Recognition by external bodies in the form of awards, nominations and accreditations;

  • Continual improvement in quantitative and qualitative data trends, across the whole organisation and for specific subgroups of employees, such as the Board and senior management population.

Health & safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement The following is a statement of the organisation’s health and safety policy in accordance with Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. It is the policy of MillyMopsMaids to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees working for the business and other persons who may be affected by our undertakings. MillyMopsMaids acknowledges that the key to successful health and safety management requires an effective policy, organisation and arrangements, which reflect the commitment of the employees. To maintain that commitment, we will continually measure, monitor and revise where necessary, an annual plan to ensure that health and safety standards are adequately maintained. The MillyMopsMaids business owners will implement the businesses health and safety policy and recommend any changes to meet new circumstances. MillyMopsMaids recognises that successful health and safety management contributes to successful business performance and will allocate adequate finances and resources to meet these needs. The management of MillyMopsMaids looks upon the promotion of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for themselves and employees. It is therefore, the policy of business to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to property. Also, the business aims to protect everyone, including visitors and members of the public, insofar as they come into contact with our activities, from any foreseeable hazard or danger. All employees have duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and are informed of their personal responsibilities to take due care of the health and safety of themselves and to ensure that they do not endanger other persons by their acts or omissions. Employees are also informed that they must co-operate with the organisation in order that it can comply with the legal requirements placed upon it and in the implementation of this policy. MillyMopsMaids will ensure continued consultation with the workforce to enable all viewpoints and recommendations to be discussed at regular intervals. The business will ensure a systematic approach to identifying hazards, assessing the risks, determining suitable and sufficient control measures and informing employees of the correct procedures needed to maintain a safe working environment. We will provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe places and systems of work, safe plant and machinery, safe handling of materials and substances, the provision of adequate safety equipment and ensure that appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision is given. We regard all health and safety legislation as the minimum standard and expect employees to achieve their targets without compromising health and safety.

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